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Park Medical: Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5RT

Evercreech Surgery: Prestleigh Road, Evercreech, BA4 6JY

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Ante & Post Natal

Ante Natal care is carried out at St. Peters Maternity Hospital at Shepton Mallet Community Hospital.

Post Natal care is combined with the Child Health Surveillance development check and is carried out at the Surgery by a GP when your baby is between 6 & 9 weeks old


Cervical Smears

Women 25 - 49 should have a cervical smear every three years

Women 50 - 64 & over should have a cervical smear every five years

This is a simple, quick test which can detect the early stages of cervical cancer.

The Practice offers a comprehensive cervical smear screening service and all women in the above age groups will automatically be invited.

These tests can be carried out by specifically trained nurses.


Children's Immunisation Clinics

The Practice runs a comprehensive infant and pre-school immunisation programme, in liaison with the Health Visitor. Parents are automatically informed when their child is due for their next injection, and an appointment is given to attend one of these clinics. If you are unable to attend these clinics, appointments can be made at other times with the Practice Nurse.

Schedule of vaccinations


Child Health Surveillance Clinic

Routine developmental checks are done on babies at 6-9 weeks together with Post Natal checks for mums and are carried out at the Surgery by a GP

Checks at 8 months and up to 5 years of age are carried out by your Health Visitor.  Please note - Immunisations cannot be given until this check has been completed


Family Planning / Sexual Health

We offer strictly confidential advice on all methods of contraception including coils, implants and emergency contraception.


Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccinations

We particularly recommend this annually for patients with heart, chest or kidney disease, asthma, diabetes and other chronic disease. It is also recommended for those over 65 and for residents of nursing and rest homes. Please contact the reception staff in September for details of the dates of our flu vaccination clinics.

Pneumococcal Vaccinations

In most cases this is a once only vaccination recommended for patients with chest or kidney disease, asthma, diabetes and other chronic diseases - PLUS all those over 65. If you would like to discuss the advantages of this please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.


Minor Surgery

If a minor surgical operation is needed the Doctor will give details to the Nurse who will contact you to make an appointment.

This will be performed under local anesthetic at the Surgery.