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Park Medical: Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5RT

Evercreech Surgery: Prestleigh Road, Evercreech, BA4 6JY

Park Medical: 01749 334 383     Evercreech Surgery: 01749 830 325

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Welcome to The Park Medical Practice

We are pleased to accept registration requests from patients who are living within the area indicated in the map below:

Please see our practice boundary and check your postcode is within our catchment area.


New Patients (UK Registration)

Prospective patients living within an approximate 6-mile radius of the practice are welcome to register with the practice.

Newly registering patients are asked to fill in a Registartion and medical history form.

They are given a practice booklet containing all the details about the surgery and the services we provide.

Your registration details will be entered onto our computerised system by trained operators, which will speed up the appropriate administration processes.

When you require an appointment in the future, this will enable the receptionist to action your request quickly and accurately.

If you wish to join our Practice please ask a receptionist for a registration form for each person that wishes to register.

You may fill in the form straight away but we suggest you take it home to ensure you complete it fully and return with it at a more convenient time.

The form will ask you for personal details such as your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, previous address and doctor.

This information helps the Health Authority to quickly trace your medical records and send them to your new doctor.

On the back of your registration form you are given an option to go on a central register as a donor, if you wish to do so.

If you wish to see the doctor you are welcome to make a future appointment at the time you register.

Download our Registration Form


New Registrations

New registrations will not be seen within 48 hours of original request to allow records to be completed, unless it is a medical emergency.


Summary Care Records

As a practice we are part of the national NHS Care Record service which gives access to elements of patient records to other healthcare professionals.  Consent from our patients is assumed unless you tell us otherwise. 

• What is the NHS Care Record?
- Important medical information taken from GP system and made available throughout England

•What information is on the Summary Care Record
- Medications (18 months repeats, 6 month acute, 6 months discontinued)
- Allergies
- Reactions to medicines
- In time, as the system develops, any medical information the GP feels would be in the patients’ best interest.

• Scenario
- If you have to visit an A&E department anywhere in England, the staff would have access to your Summary Care Record (SCR) with key information from your medical record enabling them to treat you immediately without delay.  You have to give your permission for them to look at your SCR for this to happen.

To download an information sheet which you can sign and give to the practice if you do not want your medical information shared please click one of the options below:

Summary Care Records information sheet

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