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Our PPG was set up a number of years ago and we are always pleased to welcome new members to bring fresh ideas to the group. We continue to work with the Practice to identify and support further improvements in the services provided. The recent patient survey showed that the Practice compared well with other practices in Somerset but we are always looking for ways to improve.


The aims of our Patient Participation Group

The PPG has a number of aims which include:

  • assisting the practice to communicate information effectively to patients and help the practice understand the patients’ viewpoint and vice versa
  • promoting good health by supporting health promotion activities and preventative information within the practice
  • providing feedback and interpretation from patients and to challenge the practice constructively when necessary including identifying gaps or problems in services provided
  • contributing to appropriate practice decision making and to be consulted on relevant service development and provision
  • acting as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of Health and Social Care
  • and to involve a wider group of patients that is representative of the practice population

If you are happy to be part of this group please complete our application form to apply to join online.

Please see our latest newsletter (Jan 2024)

Please click here to view the statement from the Partners regarding current policy for patients accessing our services.  20/05/2021

Contact the Patient group or send a query.

More information can be found at The National Association for Patient Participation website.