Self Care

You may not be able to be prescribed these medicines due to their limited clinical value or more suitable to purchase for self care:

  • Pain killers for minor aches and pains
  • Soluble pain killers
  • Hay fever preparations
  • Cough and cold remedies
  • Tonic, vitamin and health supplements
  • Antiperspirants
  • Treatment for non-serious constipation or diarrhoea
  • Ear Wax removers
  • Treatment for minor acne
  • Threadworm tablets
  • Lozenges, throat sprays,mouthwashes and gargles
  • Slimming preparations
  • Creams, gels and bandages for minor sprains and sports injuries
  • Indigestion remedies for occasional use
  • Tablets for minor nail infections
  • Creams for bruising, tattoos and varicose veins
  • Continuous barrier creams for nappy rash
  • Head lice lotions and shampoos
  • Athletes’ foot creams and powders
  • Moisturisers and bath additives for minor dry skin conditions
  • Travel medicines
  • Food and toilet preparations except where clinically indicated 

Many of these products are cheap to buy and readily available from pharmacies and shopsYou may not be able to be prescribed these medicines due to their limited clinical value or more suitable to purchase for self care:


Re-ordering Repeat Prescriptions

Please check your supplies of medications regularly to ensure you do not run out

Only order those medications you are in current need of replacing

Requests for repeat prescriptions cannot be taken over the telephone - this includes during a telephone consultation with a doctor

Notification can be made by:

  • POST - sending a letter or the repeat medication side slip request form to the surgery. Remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you require the script to be posted back to you.
  • IN PERSON - using a repeat medication slip available at the reception desk and posting it in the box in front lobby not at the counter
  • FAX - sending a written request by fax to 01749 334393
  • ONLINE - Order your prescriptions on-line

Allow 3 working days before collection from the surgery, but if you collect from a Pharmacy you must allow an extra working day.

When your request will be ready for you to collect:
Request day Signed Paper Prescription
Surgery Desk after 3pm
Medication at Pharmacy 
after 3pm
Monday Wednesday Thursday
Tuesday Thursday Friday
Wednesday Friday Monday
Thursday Monday Tuesday
Friday Tuesday Wednesday

Use of our online service is greatest over the weekends. Please allow an extra working day for the Practice to process repeat prescription requests received online on a Monday. 

Local Pharmacies do operate a service for repeat prescriptions - please enquire for further details.

A Boots Phamacy is located in the Shepton Mallet surgery.

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